12 Animales incomprendidos

Oh! Creeping vermin! As soon as I find you and I’m going to hit you with the flip-flop! Whoa! Look what a cute bear. It’s funny how some harmless animals are hated and feared, while others that are more dangerous, aggressive or deadly are so loved. That’s why today we’ll talk about… Misunderstood Animals

Being a super predator with many rows of teeth and also being the protagonist of a movie that makes you tremble, the shark is one of the most feared animals. But sharks are vital to the control of the food chain. On the east coast of the United States,

There was a decline in bivalves that affected fishermen. It turned out that there were too many rays eating the bivalves. The rays had bred too much because there weren’t enough sharks. But do we really have to fear sharks? In 2022

There were a total of 57 unprovoked attacks, of which only 5 were fatal. On average, considering previous years, sharks kill about 10 people a year. Currently, medical services and protection on beaches have improved and although there were never many deaths,

They have been reduced more. And the truth is that they should be more afraid than us: we kill around 100 million sharks a year. It is curious that we base ourselves on appearance to decide if something is dangerous or not. Elephants seem beautiful to us, but these beautiful animals

Kill about 500 people annually, more than sharks, and it has been seen that in poaching areas elephants tend to be more aggressive because, although they do not have sharp teeth or claws , they trample you with their 6,800 kilos. Ouch! Another misunderstood animal is the

Black moth. Have you heard someone say?: -Ouch! A black moth has already settled on the door, if we don’t kill it someone is going to die! -Don’t let it fly over your head, the white dust they throw leaves you: blind, bald and poisonous! Moths have long been stigmatized. The original peoples

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Of Mesoamerica called them in different ways, but all with a fatal meaning. Poor night moths! The truth is that they are completely harmless to humans and are very efficient pollinators because they can transport pollen farther distances

Than bees and the white powder they release is only their scales, which by the way are harmless. Vultures and vultures do herald death, but death has already happened, which is why many people fear them, although there are no confirmed attacks by these birds on humans, much less deaths because they

Only approach you when you already kicked the bucket. Although there have been some attacks on calves, they were probably born weak or sick and the vultures couldn’t wait any longer. We can attribute the fear of piranhas to President Theodore Roosevelt for a trip

He made to the Amazon. The locals, knowing that Roosevelt liked strong emotions, decided to put on a good theater for him. Before their arrival they captured piranhas and took them to a branch of the river that they isolated with nets. They were collecting piranhas there for weeks without giving them

Any food. When Rooesvelt arrived they took him to the river and released a sick and injured cow . The cow was quickly eaten. Roosevelt fascinated wrote his experience. Although the bite of piranhas has the ability to cut human fingers and theoretically

300-500 very hungry piranhas could eat you in 5 minutes, it is unlikely that a piranha will attack you: in fact many people swim next to them. Piranhas generally flee from large prey, only attack when there is blood, a lot of splashing or it is breeding season and usually

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Give a warning or test bite first. The most serious cases of piranha attacks on humans have occurred post mortem. Interestingly, it was also Teddy Roosevelt who gave bears their adorable reputation when an anecdote in which he refused to shoot one during a hunt became famous. An inventor then made

A teddy bear which he named Teddy’s Bear. We like Batman, but not bats! Bats are extremely important pollinators and seed dispersers. They pollinate more than 500 plants, including some of our favorites such as: guava, pitayo and different agaves.

Like the one from which tequila and mezcal are made. Of the 3 species that feed on blood, only one can feed on human blood. Unless you catch one or sleep in a rural area with the windows open, it’s almost impossible for a bat to bite you. Sure,

Bat bites are dangerous because they can transmit rabies, but the biggest transmitter of rabies to humans is our faithful companion…yes, the dog. Around 35,000 humans die from rabies each year and in 99% of cases it was transmitted by a dog. The bloodsucker that

Is worrisome is the tsetse fly. The fly carries a protist called Trypanosoma, which causes sleeping sickness and is fatal if left untreated. Although the fly is endemic to sub-Saharan Africa, it causes about 10,000 deaths a year. It is true that almost all spiders have venom,

But few have consequences for humans. Of the 43,000 species of spiders less than 30 are deadly and despite the fact that spiders live very close to us they only cause 7 deaths a year. Also, having spiders around has its benefits: they eat the aphids of the crops, the moths in

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Your garden and the mosquitoes in your room and there are some that are really cute and adorable. Half of the world’s population is afraid of snakes and 2 to 3 percent of the population has a phobia of them, making it one of the most common phobias. Of the more than 3,000

Species of snakes, about 600 are venomous and only 200 are capable of killing. Although we do not deny that snakes are dangerous! they cause some 138,000 deaths a year, plus many people are permanently disabled and others amputated. But there is a worse animal:

Mosquitoes are not usually scary, but they kill about 725,000 people each year. Although you don’t have to eliminate them either: we recommend you watch our video: What would happen if we exterminated MOSQUITOES ? (And the cockroaches and the rats). Mosquitoes cause many deaths, but not

As many as… chan chan chan… ourselves! More than 400,000 people are killed each year and another 1.35 million die in traffic accidents, except for the 200 deaths in traffic accidents caused by wild animals, the sum is still enormous and exceeds that of mosquitoes.

We are afraid of the beneficial bats and repulsed by the harmless moths, but we are the most dangerous animal both for ourselves and for the other species, so we could try not being so harsh with them. Curiously! Don’t leave yet, today we want to thank you for seeing us and also remind you

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