Ceremonia de Inauguración – Viaje de Estudios de EURECA-PRO – Concurso de Innovación STEM 2023 – Universidad de León

Okay good morning everyone I have the pleasure to welcome you to our second edition of the stem Innovation contest that is organized by the University of Leon under the frame and implement it also under the frame of recao today we will have the opportunity to hear very big voices and very creative

Minds speaking of which now we are very pleased to welcome our recor some words of our Rector from Francisco Garcia [Applause] Marin morning only a few words to say you welcome to the University of Leon and you need everything for the University you are welcome and unfortunately I

Can work more more more time because I need to go to to Other Place uh but in any case be happy in Leo enjoy the the the city of Leon and around Le I know that there are program for with all activities not only the war here and

H well good luck to everybody I know that the only one will be the the first and is real and in any case welcome again to the University of Le for the different countries that you are here thank [Applause] you thank you for your insights now we

Are going to welcome our vice director for internationalization Roberto [Applause] okay thank you so much ladies gentlemen distinguished authorities guests participants esteemed youths welcome to the University of Leon and welcome to the Rea Pro Innovation contest final it’s a great pleasure for me that we are together here today to celebrate

The culmination of this remarkable Journey of innovation collaboration and scientific exploration this events marks a significant milestone in our quest to foster a culture of scientific excellence and is part the brightest Minds in a stem throughout this contest we have witnessed exceptional creativity and weing dedication and groundbreaking

Ideas for the talented people who have participated I have more today we stand on the threshold of the of a future where scientific advancment hold the gate to addressing Global challenges and shaping our world the rec appro sorry Innovation context serves as a platform to unleash the

Immersed potential of of our job inting their passion for Discovery and empowering them to make a meaningful impact on society as We Gather in this estimate institution we are reminded of the power of knowledge and with the importance of n intellectual curiosity the University of Leon has always been at the Forefront

Of the scientific research Innovation and education and we are honored to host this Grand Final in such a distinguished setting to the participants your presence here today is a testament to your exceptional talent preservance and comitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific in quity your Innovative projects have the potential to reshave

Our world spark new Industries and transform lives be proud of all of your achievements and remember that your contribution has made a difference regardless the outcome we are grateful to the Juds thank you for sharing your expertise and lending your discernment to evaluate the project before us your insightful

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Gira universitaria: Leah Angélica De León

Assessment will help identify the most exceptional innovation and comment the fors of these Brilliant Minds finally I extended my deepest gratitude to the organizers companies and supporters for the Ura of the reca pro estain Innovation contest your anging dedication and support have made this event possible your commitment to ning

And empowering the next generation of stain Pioneers is Comon able and we are grateful for your invaluable contribution so let us Embark of this extraordinary journey together one that celebrates in Ingenuity Foster collaboration and recognize the profound impact of staining shaping our future may this final be a moment of

Inspiration friendship and celebration as we witness the brid of tomorrow’s mind and fall before us now that is the final sentence okay welcome to the reca pro Innovation con contest fanel let the power of innovation and the spirit of scientific inquir gas through this remarkable event thank you and good [Applause]

Luck okay so as you all know our stem Innovation contest is a way to boost synergies between the university and the Enterprises so for the first part part of this opening ceremony we count with the presence of one representative of the Enterprise BOS Serio Fernandez he’s going to to

Give an speech but in Spanish so once he finish we try to translate him okay so we welcome to [Applause] Him For For okay so bosos is an Enterprise I didn’t said that before but I’m going to tell them specialize in production of popular trees okay so he said that this is a very Innovative Enterprise and that they are very um thankful for this initiative because for them is very important

Because the university is the last change of knowledge transference so with this initiative and this activity they are looking for people which are solving the real challenges that they have in the Enterprise so a very big Applause round of to him too okay and last but not least we are

Going to welcome our student Jacob please come here to the stage he’s coming from the University of H cesan University of Technology Su call Poland and I’m asking you why are you here at the contest I mean what’s your motivation to do the contest oh of

Course this contest is a very big chance to everyone to express their uh knowledge and experience in their respective Fields it’s very uh big chance also for everyone to forge uh another connection between University and between countries it’s also a chance to meet friends in the beautiful city of

Leon that is impressive as it can be okay thank you you you have the floor thank you so I have little speech okay ladies and gentlemen Este guest faculty members and fellow contestants my name is yob I’m stand before you in sense of gratitude excitement as a student participating in a reca pro

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Juan Francisco García Marín, rector de la Universidad de León

Competition first and foremost I would like to express my appreciation for University of Leon in Spain as for hosting this beautiful and prestigious event as a thank you for opening your dos to us and making us film welcome here in Spain in this beautiful historic City

I had honor to be here ACC compan The Talented individuals from Poland we have traveled here from University in cesia we we are Technical University as I look around this room I’m astounded by the remarkable skill that every one of us presents each of us bring unique talent experience

Experience and State of Mind in this vibrant Eran education context I would like to take a moment to extend our gratitude to the organizers of this event your planning attention to details and un waving commitment to creating a condition and academic uh Excellence that deserve our appreciation with your tireless efforts this

Comparation would be not possible you have provided us with platform to not only showcase our abilities but also Forge lifelong connection with likeminded individuals from other corners of Europe thank you for investing in our growth and foring a community that thrives in collaboration and the pursuit of

Knowledge as We Gather here today is essential to acknowledge the impact of European Union as collective Journey as student it has facilit crosscultural exchange andan education opportunities a foster sense of shared purpose among member states it through in initiative like AA Pro education competition that we witness fand be transformative birth of United

Europe in Ever Changing world or Union stand as a testament to the strength and resilience that comes working together it provided with platform that transcend borders break down barriers and hardness our Collective potential in conclusion I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the University of Leon my fellow contestants

And the organizers for making this remarkable experience possible I would like to also to thank my team that’s sitting in fears through for Sher activity at much more I’ll also thank our our mentors that’s standing here and sitting for the help and shared ideas and the contest of course we thank also

Our jury that find the time to uh sitting here and give points to my team let the best win and thank you all for coming here thank you speaking of JY members today we count with a presence of four great minds here I’m going to give a quick overview of their achievements I

Hope I’m not going to take a lot of time so first one we have Dr navil aadi he’s a professor of met of teaching mathematics mathematics pedagogical instruction and a teacher counselor at sakin College pronounced college for teachers education in Israel he obtained his PhD from University Alexandre young crusa in

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3er Congreso Internacional de Envases y Embalajes AMEE-UAM

Romania and he specialized in research and educational Administration methods of teaching and the implementation of advanced software in the teaching of mathematics he conducted studies in isra and Europe and in many other cross-national contexts his research focuses broadly on improving the school environment producing more positive attitudes toward education and large and

Placing greater greater attention on special education he is also an expert on geogra mathematics software mtac research and distance learning pedagogic and strategist where which were the domain of his PhD thesis and current research activities so a big Applause to also we count with the presence of Dr

Carlos Sierra Fernandez he’s a mining and ecolog and geological sorry engineer in m and MSC in civil engineering and MC in environmental engineering also over the past 10 years he has taught mining engineering courses at the University of AO and canab in Spain and at espo in eador he’s currently an associate

Professor of mining Methods at the University of Leona Spain he has co-author more than 40 research articles on environmental engineering and Mining engineering he also have [Applause] so at the table we also have Dr pantis the the the last name is but yeah very good okay so thank you so

Much for being here he’s a professor in the area of space informatic including geographic information system GSI satellite satellite remote sensing and a name aerial system in the Technical University of prit he’s coming from GRE where he is appointed as a member of the Board of Trustees he

Received his PhD in the special information science and engineering from the University of mine part of the national Center for geographic information and Analysis NCG eii AI of United States and in a NASA sponsor Center of excellent remone remote sensing laboratory besides his specific Publications editorial position and Reserve projects as a coordinator

Dros has been invited as an speaker on the fields of research and Innovation entrepreneurship a government smart cities AI while he has supported and organized many competitions and the national representative of Galileo and Copernicus Masters in the area of space Innovations Dr pasellos now directs the space informatics research teams team

Called s SL who has received a lot of mentions internationally so a big Applause to [Applause] him and we are also receiving anel pan from the University of Lauren in France she’s full professor at the at this University and also holds since 2022 the title the post of head head of inter

International cooperation at eut her research is based on PSIs and vas for energy production Happ to [Applause] her

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