🥇 Convertir Tablas PDF a EXCEL | En todas las versiones

Learn how you can transform your PDF tables to Excel but in a super fast way, look what we are going to do, we are going to go to the data tab, click on it and on the left hand side we are going

To go where it says get data, click here then click on a file and on the right we are going to select this option that says csv text, we are going to click here the next window will appear

And here on the right we are going to go where it says text files we are going to give you all the files, to open all the files I am going to go to the desktop and this is where I have

My table and the only thing we do is click on import, we wait a few seconds the following window that we now see should appear and Here it will show us all the tables that this PDF has. For example, I could select any of them, but I am going to select table

03, click on load and we should automatically have all the data from that PDF in Excel.

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