Margul Woolfolk, estudiante del programa UACM

It’s been fabulous for the school teachers have been able to benefit from having an expert here helping coach them through science technology engineering and Mathematics through mentoring through just having those daily conversations trying to make sure that they’re implementing the best practices in those areas just being able to have

The people resources here to talk through ways that we can Implement science Technology and Engineering mathematics in a better way and helping us to find resources and exposing us to various people that we would not be able to make contact with them you know because

It takes not only a lot of time but you really have to know where to even start looking for certain resources so just having that people connection has been very important for M Agnes Jones and our initiative to become one of you know competitive schools in terms of stem

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Espacio UABCS – Eventos universitarios – 11.10.22

Marisol López. Profesor «C» Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, CDMX. México.