SUPER Filtro Autom谩tico en Excel 馃殌 驴Te la sab铆as?

You know this super automatic filter in Excel that very few people use it even though it is very necessary. For example, if I wanted to filter by any of these words, all I have to

Do is, for example, I am going to go to Word, right click filter and click on it. In filtering by selected cell value, look that automatically The filter has already appeared and we don’t need the

Table or the range to have the table format. So I’m going to go back and we also have more options right click filter, notice that here we have uh filter By color of selected cell filter by selected cell font color and the last one that says filter by

Selected cell icon for example here on average we are going to select everything we are going to go to format we are going to go to icon set I am going to select these three round ones colors so we already have

The icons here. And if I wanted to know, for example, the disapproved ones by icon color, right click filter and click on filter by selected cell icon and I already have all the disapproved ones

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