Cómo escribir una serie de números consecutivos en Excel #Shorts

How we write a series of consecutive numbers in Excel but in a super fast way I will show you four different methods, you will see which one you end up with. For example, if we can, we still call the row function, open parentheses, close, press

Enter, look, it returns the number of rows for this three we are going to drag minus 2 we are going to press enter and now we do drag down I want you to notice that we have a series of consecutive numbers another way is to put a pattern for example one and below

Two and we drag those two cells down and we have our consecutive numbers the third method is by putting the one we could also drag down and at the end we have an option that says auto fill we click and we give it a fill series and in this

Way We also have consecutive numbers And finally we go to put the number one we are going to go to the home tab we are going to go to the right To fill we are going to go to series and here we

Are going to select columns we are going to put the increment that goes one by one and the limit we are going to put by example 12,000 we are going to press accept and we already have 12,000 consecutive numbers

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