Federico II Napoli – Corso Laurea Magistrale en Biología Marina y Acuicultura (hablante inglés)

Master’s degree in marine biology and aquaculture at the university of napoli federico to train highly specialized marine biologists capable of planning and executing marine ecosystem management including marine protected areas conservation strategies of the living aquatic resources used by fisheries and aquaculture including biodiversity ecosystem restoration and protection with particular emphasis on the most

Vulnerable and threatened species and habitats The master’s degree in marine biology and aquaculture was born from the collaboration between the oldest secular university in italy and the zoological station anton dorn why enroll to become a marine conservation restoration scientist and specialist able to manage natural resources and to favor policy makers decisions through the use of ecosystem services

An environmental scientist and specialist able to monitor aquatic environments developing solutions for the clean up and prevention of problems in the one ocean one health framework a marine biodiversity specialist with strong expertise on marine protected area management and governance an aquaculture expert to manage and oversee aquaculture facilities with

Expertise in fishery and product quality control a marine resources manager able to oversee and coordinate projects finding synergies among scientists and stakeholders A scientific scuba diver acquiring a scuba license [Applause] beyond all your expectations the master’s degree in marine biology and aquaculture at the university of napoli federico ii now do you hear the sound of the c2

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