¿Las Neuronas pueden Regenerarse? – La Neurogénesis

Actor Chris Hemsworth took a DNA test and found out he carried the ApoE4 gene twice! That makes you 8 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s, a disease that causes memory and cognition failures, characterized by the death of neurons and shrinking of the brain. Until recently it was thought that

Nerve cells could not regenerate, but now we know that they can, and even what you – and Chris Hemsworth – can do to keep your brain young. How to generate new neurons (at any age)? This question was asked by our friend Antonio C. Rocha Escudero, who is part of the

Community of curious minds. You can be part of the community by supporting us on patreon or through YouTube memberships. The links are in the description. The cells in your body are specialized for different functions: some form your muscles, others transport oxygen, and others help your metabolism, among many

Other things. As we are gestating, the cells that form us have no specialty: they are pluripotent cells or stem cells that can become any other. They then take their place in the different structures of the body and become specialized cells.

Most of these cells reproduce and die on a daily basis and thus renew the organs and tissues that make up your body. Except neurons: they happen to have no centrosome, an essential structure for mitosis, and they can’t divide! (ie: multiply,

Which, curiously, in this case is the same). That is why it was thought that it was not possible to produce more of these cells that make up the brain and nervous system. And it makes sense, possibly if they changed all the time it would be impossible to maintain

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Long-term memories and learning… and perhaps we could not even have a more or less permanent identity. Neurogenesis, or the production of new neurons, occurs strongly before birth, declines by age 7, and virtually stops by age 13. The cells you had at that

Age have to last you a lifetime. Or so it was thought until a new discovery was made. Spanish scientists conducted a study in which they focused on the hippocampal region, the brain structure related to converting temporary memory into permanent memory, and looked in the brains of recently deceased people for neurons that

Have a substance called doublecortin: a marker that indicates that the cell is brand new. And it turns out that they found these newborn cells even in people over 80! Those who did not have doublecortin cells were people with Alzheimer’s disease.

But how is it possible, if neurons cannot reproduce? oh! Well, the new cells did not come from other neurons, but from stem cells. The hippocampus has a reserve of neural stem cells. These stem cells become neuroblasts and move through the brain until

They reach where they are needed, becoming a mature neuron. This phenomenon had already been investigated in animals : adult canaries regenerate their neurons during the mating season, which allows them to learn new songs, and neural stem cells had been detected in the

Adult brains of rats and monkeys. In humans, well… experimentation has had more difficulties. What is known is that, in addition to the hippocampus, production also occurs in the temporal lobe and in areas of the brain related to smell. It is not certain how many

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Neurons are produced in the adult brain, but it is estimated that they can be up to… 1400 daily. Very few if you consider that a brain has about 100 billion neurons! But something is something… So how can we make neurogenesis continue? Here’s the advice

French neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret would give Chris Hemsworth—and you—if she knew it: Things to Avoid Sleep deprivation . Research results show that staying up late stops neurogenesis. Consuming alcohol not only for neurogenesis, but actively is a neurotoxin that disturbs the communication of neurons. Sugar and saturated fats, terrible for the production of neurons!

Stress causes the production of new neurons in the hippocampus to be reduced. Things to look for Learning new knowledge and physical and mental skills stimulates the production of neurons. Running and other intense exercises that stimulate heart flow also promote the generation of cells in the brain. A diet rich in vitamin E, vitamin

B, and vitamin A, as well as flavonoids, folic acid, and zinc is highly recommended. Food: fresh blueberries, raspberries, grapefruit, parsley, black and green tea and the red shell of peanuts. Cocoa has resveratrol which is also beneficial, too bad many industrial chocolates take it away because it gives the candy a bitter taste!

Sexual activity also helps neurogenesis… although it is something that is not within our reach… Finally, fasting and caloric restriction have also been shown to have positive effects, but do it with care and supervision! All of these habits have been shown to have a positive effect on neurogenesis, and the younger

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You start the better, because impairments can start decades before we know it. But they do not fully guarantee the prevention of a neurodegenerative disease: Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are very complex disorders and their mechanisms are still being intensively investigated.

What is fascinating is that other studies have found that, although during your life you continue to lose neurons, the most important thing is not the number of them: many elderly people consistently show fewer neurons in their brain, and even brain damage, but they have intellectual capacities quite robust: the number of

Connections that neurons have between them is more important. This creation of new connections is stimulated by a substance called «brain-derived neurotrophic factor,» or BDNF . It makes the dendrites of neurons grow and meet those of other neurons, forming synapses, and it is the quantity and quality of these connections that promote memory

And intelligence. Unity is strength! How to stimulate the production of BDNF? Well, also: doing intense exercise and with a low carbohydrate diet. Curiously smart! Many thanks to Asdrúbal Valladares and all these incredible people who support us and are

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